This is the list of participating students:


Alexander Bulezyuk, Belgium, Erasmus University College (Brussels)
Alexandru Butnar, Romania, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Alina Ioana Balan, România, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Atul Rai, Hungary, University of Szeged
Bita Daemi, Sweden, KTH
Hanan Salam, France, Supelec
Isnardo Reducindo Ruiz, Mexico, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi
Jan Kotera, Czech Republic, Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the ASCR
Janina Schwarz, The Netherlands, University of Amsterdam
Ádám Kovács, Hungary, University of Pannonia
Kseniya Cherenkova, Austria, TU Wien
Matilde Costa, Italy, University of Trieste
Milenka Andjelic, Montenegro, University of Montenegro, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Péter Kovács, Hungary, Eötvös L. University
Péter Zoltán Varga, Hungary, University of Pannonia
Radim Krupicka, Czech Repbulic, Czech Technical University in Prague
Robert Frohlich, Romania, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Rui Huang, Hungary, University of Szeged
Sajith K Sadanandan, Sweden, Uppsala University
Saleh Mosaddegh, France, ISIT, UMR 6284 UdA - CNRS
Sara Ahmed, Egypt, Nile University

Stefan Ericson, Sweden, University of Skövde
Vladimir Ilić, Serbia, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences
Yu-Fen Chang, Norway, University of Bergen
Zoltán Gilián, Hungary, ELTE
Zoltán Szabó, Czech Republic, Czech Technical University in Prague
Arsenije Malikovic, Montenegro, University of Montenegro
Péter József Kiss, Hungary, University of Pannonia


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